Cloud Websites & Cloud Platforms

Cloud platforms are the software infrastructure with computer applications permitting users to create and manage their own cloud websites from multiple web servers at the same time. The many open resources on a network or computer, from many web servers, cover all aspects of their hosting.

A hosting provider, or web host, provides the services and general technologies needed so your cloud website can be seen on the computer. Many web hosts will require that you have and own your domain name. The hosted computers called “servers” is where your hosted website is stored. A cloud website uses a combination of multiple servers, as mentioned, for their hosting purposes. The “Cluster of Servers” is simply referred to as “The Cloud”.

Cloud Websites Gain Advantage in Communications, Marketing, and Networking

Cloud websites are excellent because the hardware resources are readily available with the touch of the finger tips (or voice command) in a virtual world, and can be accessed as needed. Security for your website is taken care of and the load is balanced between servers. Cloud integration can often become a challenge and many websites employ open source HTTP web servers like “Nginx” as their HTTP cache server and load balance coordinator. Cloud computing and cloud services have become a main stay for networking.

The complete system of software components are called the “cloud stack”. It seems a little complicated at times, but like anything else on the computer, you can get use to it and use cloud platforming to your complete advantage.Talk to the experts such as the web servers from “Nginx” and they will be sure to help you on the way by providing and walking you through exactly what you need for the best in operating your own cloud website through open sourcing from “Nginx”. If you are in need of more in depth cloud website help you might get in touch with the advisers of “Nginx Plus”.

One really good example of a website that is hosted on the cloud platform: moving company buffalo. Even though this website is hosted in Buffalo NY the cloud still holds up strong.