Cloud Websites, Cloud Platforms, and “Nginx” Overall

We discussed the advantages of a cloud website, but which is the website, and which is the platform? A platform is the plan, design, or something upon which a thing stands. You often think of a platform as a “stage”. A computer platform such as the “Cloud Platform” is basically the stage upon which the cloud programs perform and the actions of the cloud computing software is executed.

Because of many requests and asked for features when it comes to cloud websites and networking,“Nginx”(an open source), has built “Nginx Plus”. It is a needed addition (as mentioned earlier) to serve cloud networking to it’s fullest extent, and very worthy of investigating. This strong partner built on top of “Nginx, Inc.” offers software load balancing, expanded content cache, and extraordinary web serving capabilities. Nginx Plus is the perfect “load balancing” server for complete health maintenance and innovative freedom from infrastructure for networking with cloud websites and cloud platform configurations.

Here is a great example of a Nginx website: fence company Buffalo. Feel free to browse the website if you want to learn how it functions. Also if you notate the speed you might just be impressed.