Cloud Website, Google Cloud Platform & WordPress.Com Powered by “Nginx”

The reliable and popular “Nginx” is the power behind a multitude of well known websites that you use everyday. Many creative writers, self generated web site creators, and bloggers have been blessed by WordPress.Com powered by “Nginx”. You are sure to know of it, especially if you are a “freelancer” providing your living by working on the computer. What are a few of the other well known websites, besides WordPress.Com, whom are powered by “Nginx”?

  • Pinterest
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Zynga

WordPress.Com (powered by “Nginx”) has FREE OPTIONS for use in creating a basic website or affordable plans for even more website features and additional storage. The FREE OFFER includes 3 GB of storage space along with other goodies.

WordPress is the largest self hosting tool for internet blogging on the whole Earth. Many websites gained their success through intentional and well kept blogs about subjects ranging in almost any area from hunting to childcare. You name it, and you will find an informational blog. Google Cloud Platform deploys the ever popular tool of WordPress in many ways. You will definitely want to check into the free CMS (Content Management System) and other easily available open sources for excellent cloud website uses. The sky is barely the limit, and the options are many.

Cloud Websites, Cloud Platforms, Investors & “Nginx Inc.”

What exactly is “Nginx”, as mentioned earlier? You probably hear many speaking of it. It is pronounced verbally as “Engine-Ex”. Nginx is miraculous software which was made by the Russian engineer Igor Sysoev, whom currently serves as “Chief Technical Officer” at “Nginx, Inc.”. Nginx, Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It also has an EMEA ( Europe, Middle East, and Africa)  “Head Office” in Cork, Ireland, along with an APAC (Asia-Pacific) “Head Office” in Singapore. They serve well over 400 million web sites. “Nginx” is a major “Web Server”, which is also employed as a load balancer for cloud websites, reverse proxy, mail proxy, and HTTP cache. The well known and well used resource of “Wikipedia” uses “Nginx” as a “SSL Termination Proxy”. The “proxy server”  takes care of incoming TLS connections by decrypting them and passing the unencrypted requests to other “Wikipedia” servers in cloud networking, as an example.

The “Nginx Application Platform” has helped many websites in digital updating processes, monolithic (making uniform), and micro-service based applications. In addition to the web sites mentioned earlier, such as “Netflix” and “WordPress.Com”, it also serves the following notable companies.

  • Starbucks
  • McDonalds
  • And a few other cool local companies

Here is a good example of a local Electrician company located in Buffalo NY. We worked quite closely with them and learned a lot about their business. The owners went to school with us and we all go way back. It’s nice when you have friends and end upo working together in the future.

You can quickly assimilate the worth of “Nginx” by taking note of their investors. These are only to name a few.

  • Goldman Sachs (New York Investment Bank & International Financial Services)
  • Blue Cloud Ventures (New York)
  • MSD Capital (5th Avenue, New York)
  • Telstra Ventures (High Growth Technology Company Investor)

A company building upon “Nignx Inc.” was formulated, as advancement and growth in 2011. You know it by “Nginx Plus”. It provides user requested “support” with paid software. The beginning “Nginx, Inc” was founded in October 2004 by the mentioned Russian engineer, Igor Sysoev.